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am rand performance

live drawing performance on windows,

Jää-äär, Berlin.​ 2014

lines of light

reflected light moved around by hand. 2009

silent storm

mylar installation with evolving programmed lights, ArtDepoo, Tallinn, Estonia. 2010

vanishing silence opening

documentation of exhibition opening at BeArt, NY, magically captured by Neinfilms. 2013

water veins

video of water droplets moving upwards against gravity. 2006

smoke free fall

2-channel video installation at BeArt, Garrison, NY. 2013

drawing with light

line of light being touched by movement,
collaboration with Christine Sciulli. 2013



pink tensions

manipulated video involving fog and water. 2007

weather channeled

live drawing and sound performance, Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY.​ 2012

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