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quotes on Jaanika Peerna's work

"It is always interesting to move drawings into performance and 3 dimension space. Jaanika’s work allows us to see line as a physical object as well as a trace of her own body and the passage of time."
—Brett Littman, Executive Director of Drawing Center, New York



"Jaanika Peerna is interested (she says) in the never-ending process of becoming with no story, no beginning and no end—just the current moment in flux. How far is she and how far is her work from Heraclitus’ famous fragment ‘Just as the river where I step is not the same and is, so I am as I am not'?"
—Serghei Litvin, FID Founder, Paris



"Jaanika deals with the fundaments of drawing and in doing so crosses its boundaries. In her performances the physical act of drawing and the three dimensional qualities drawing can have by occupying space are made visible."
—Maurits van de Laar, Director of Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague



"Jaanika’s drawings elegantly interact with architecture in a way that allows the viewer to feel their presence physically as well as visually. They are both vulnerable and powerful. Her choice and mastery of her materials gives her the freedom necessary to maximize her vision."
—Rebecca Kerlin, Director of Gallery Joe, Philadelphia



"Jaanika’s work is beautifully clear. She is making space and time visible from her personal standpoint. She is marking her existence in such a simple and grand way. We are all an accumulation of traces that evolve in time and space."
—Andreea Ciobica, artist, 2012 FID Grand Prix winner

"Whether in her large-scale gesture drawings on Mylar that become expansive installations, her smaller sculptural pieces that become receptacles for delicate inscriptions of light, or her videos and performances, at the core of Peerna’s work is a concern for the embodied, sensorially engaged subject in dynamic relation to the spatial and material world."

—Taney Roniger, art writer, New York



"Peerna’s drawings are memories of motion."
—Abel Yee, architect, New York



“An economy of line spontaneously, yet assuredly, echoes the swirling, energized forces of nature. The simplicity of black on white combined with an intense energy yields a rare profundity and beauty.”
—Adrienne Conzelman, ARC Fine Art Gallery



"Jaanika Peerna’s drawings emerged out of impulses that originated somewhere deep within the core of her being, rippled throughout her torso, and culminated in the fingers that grasped dozens of pencils and toes that held charcoal as they swirled across the paper that lay flat upon the floor. David Rothenberg's musical improvisations collapsed impulse and response."
—Linda Weintraub, on David Rothenberg and Jaanika Peerna’s live music and drawing performance at Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, 2012

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